"ILLUMINATUS MAJOR" © 2009 47"x36" aerosol/acrylic (FOR SALE $100)

"Joker (2x)" © 2009 13"x20" acrylic/aerosol on wood (FOR SALE $40)

"Emiliano Zapata" © 2010 20"x16" aerosol on canvas (Orig.SOLD, More Available by request starting @ $65)

"ROCK ON EINSTEIN" © 2010 aerosol on wood (Original SOLD, 2 posters left for $20 each)

"Dead Pin-Up Girl In Tire Swing" © 2010 aerosol on wood (Orig.SOLD! More available starting at $50)

"Dead Cow-Girl" © 2010 aerosol on wood (Orig.SOLD! More available starting at $50)

"DINO FICTION" © 2010 26"x32" aerosol on canvas (FOR SALE $60)

"YOU'RE LIVING IN IT" © 2010 aerosol on canvas 12"x9" (SOLD)

"WAIT 'TIL YOU SEE THOSE GODDAMNED BATS!" (2of3) ©2010 20"x16" aerosol/acrylic on canvas-board (All 3 SOLD)

"JOHN WILKES BOOTH WITH SUPER SOAKER" © 2011 Aerosol on wood (Original SOLD, More Available by Request)

"LSD Quandry" © 2013. 24"x20" Acrylic on Canvas (FOR SALE $75)

"F*ck, I Love Kitties" © 2013. 20"x16" Acrylic on canvas (SOLD)

"Jack's Eating Out Tonight" © 2013. 16"x20" Acrylic on canvas (Original SOLD, more available by request)

"They Had a Blast!" © 2013. 24"x30" Acrylic on Canvas (FOR SALE, $200)


These works feature just some of the many forms of Phadeone.

Pop-Art/Stencil Graffiti/Political/Street Art